16 - 17 May 2018 at HKCEC, Hong Kong

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Visitor Testimonials

What did your peers say about Data Centre World Hong Kong?

Glenn Chan, Market Infrastructure Manager NEA, ANZ Bank
It is my second time attending Cloud Expo Asia & Data Centre World Hong Kong – it is such a large-scale exhibition. Everything is informative and I can meet my peers all at one event. Tackling with partners, I am able to explore current IT trends.


Susan Wong, Senior Manager, Information Technology, Hong Kong Tourism Board
The conference sessions and showcases are rich and cover a wide range of themes. This diversification allows me to see more products at the same time, in one location! The location is also great and very convenient.


Xianlei Wang, Senior System Engineer, Baidu & Pan Zhang, Senior Network Engineer, Baidu
Even with these bad weather conditions, we insisted on coming from Shenzhen because we wouldn't want to miss this huge international IT event! There are so many top expert speakers sharing insights and blue-chips companies showcasing their latest solutions! We love to know more about the current trends and products in the cloud market to equip ourselves for the future.


Bill Ho, Regional Data Centre Manager, HSBC
I have gained lots of inspiration here! I've been particularly happy to hear from dozens of high quality and insightful conference speakers– all in one location! I will definitely visit again next year with my colleagues!


Keith Tsui, Data & Analytic Director, LKF Group
All the conference sessions are really informative and useful. Compared to other IT events, the scale of Cloud Expo Asia & Data Centre World Hong Kong is much larger and it covers diverse topics. It definitely creates valuable opportunities for us to find out more about new IT information.


Eric Szeto & Wilson Lai, IT Performer Manager, Cathay Pacific Airway Limited
It's our second year at Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World. The quality of the events is even better than last year! The high quality and diversified conference sessions are strongly appreciated. We’re happy to see showcases from different regions – not only international suppliers, but also local and mainland Chinese exhibitors – by comparing their products and solutions, our horizons are widened.


William Wai, Director, HKCOLO
I visited Cloud Expo Asia & Data Centre World Hong Kong last year, and I'm happy to find more information about infrastructure and cloud this year. With new themes, topics and theatres, I'm able to catch up with industry trends and product updates. I am looking forward to attending again next year!


Peter Oestling, CIO, Hop Lun Ltd
This is my first time at Cloud Expo Asia & Data Centre World. It is a large-scale expo, which contains all the information I’m looking for – it is absolutely attractive to me! Everything is well-organized, it saves my time and allows me to meet my industry peers.


Jason Wu, IT Officer, Macau Science Centre
Cloud Expo Asia & Data Centre World covers a wide range of useful and informative topics, which enable me to collect the latest information about the IT industry. I’m sure everyone will be able to explore different aspects of technology here. I’m really looking forward to attending again!


Nantana Tantikulrungsi, Procurement Deputy Director, NTT Communications (Thailand) Company Limited
I came here for the networking opportunities, focusing on cloud products and solutions. Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World has surprised me with new technology on show and I will definitely be taking lots of information back to Thailand. I will certainly come back to Hong Kong and participate in this exhibition again.


Andrew Tong, Senior IT Manager, Hugo Boss HK Limited
The Live Green Data Centre shows how all the solutions integrate and work together vividly. The demo design is easy to understand.


Clive Chan, Facility Manager, Corporate Affairs Dept., APT Satellite Company Limited
The design of this Live Data Centre demo is advanced and unique. The electrical bus-bar system is especially interesting as the electrical components are usually hidden inside and not easy to observe.


Andy W.T. Ng, Manager, Mechanical Engineering, Design Engineering, Embedded Power, Artesyn Embedded Technologies
Live Green Data Centre is helpful for me to understand the latest industry solutions. My company's product is just one part of the data centre and this demo helps me to gain a full picture of how it all works together. It is a good reference for the future design of our product.


Ivan Rinaldy, VP of Network and Data Wholesale, Telin
Live Green Data Centre displays a great range of different companies products. It is a good presentation of all the solutions and tells the full data centre story in a vivid way.


Mark Ma, Security Consultant Manager, Fuji Xerox
The design is unique and provides me with a full picture of a working data centre in action.


Kwan Wing Yiu, Assistant Executive Engineer (E.N.G Maintenance), Broadcasting Department, Engineering Division, TVB
I am from the broadcasting industry and my work is related to data centre but not very technical in that regard. This feature offers me a chance to gain a conceptual idea about the whole data centre and allows me to have better understanding about the technologies behind our broadcasting system.


What did our speakers say about Data Centre World Hong Kong?

Charles Mok, JP, Member of LegCo, IT Constituency, HKSAR
Our digital age presents tremendous challenges and opportunities. This particular event cluster is a great way to gain insights across the cloud, IoT, security and data centre markets and will help organisations in both Hong Kong and the wider region to adopt new technologies, and improve services for their target customers.


Chee Keong Law, Partner Sales and Alliances, Asia Pacific, Google Cloud Platform, Google
There's a great range of trade here, spanning both data centre and cloud markets. This also attracts a diverse audience. The Big Data sessions are particularly popular. With high quality conference speakers, it is important to see end users discuss their digital journeys so others can solve their own business challenges.


Michael R K Mudd MHKCS, Managing Partner, Asia Policy Partners LLC
Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World brings together the essential elements of the Fourth Industrial revolution; Digital Business Transformation. With the emergence of IoT and the need for ever more efficient Data Centres to power it all, the event attracts first class global speakers that may present state of the art practice information. The 2018 event will be a must see for anyone working in the digital space; and isn't that all of us now?


Walter Miros, CEO, Populos, PLLC
Data Centre World Hong Kong 2017 was professionally organized and the results showed. The quality of the attendees and the content of this event was impressive. I was able to launch my new tech consulting service consulting service, POPULOS, in my workshop. This was also very successful. This event can count of my support for future events.

What did our partners say about Data Centre World Hong Kong?

Reena Athwain, Head of Communications, Telecom Era
This year, I'm attending Cloud Expo Asia & Data Centre World Hong Kong as I would like to know more up-to-date knowledge about the cloud and data centre markets. Through this opportunity, I also have a valuable chance to meet with international vendors coming from all around the world.

Across the two days, we are able to catch up with the IT trends and the reality of the whole IT industry and gather instant information. Cloud Expo Asia & Data Centre World are definitely an important event for the IT industry. It is a unique opportunity to join local and international IT companies and vendors, easily find information, and make comparisons and evaluations!


Ben Woo, Principal Analyst, Neuralytix
This event is an important platform for business transactions – bringing together the technology, people and processes. It's an opportunity to understand the people behind technology – which is equally as important as the technology itself. Visitors can learn from their peers' experiences.

Hong Kong needs an event like this – the country is a great trading hub, it's central and easy to get to from all four corners of the world. Many multi-nationals have outposts and regional headquarters here.