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22 - 23 MAY 2019, HKCEC, HONG KONG


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A test of patients: the challenges of healthcare IT

04 May 2018

Ahead of his session at Data Centre World Asia, held in Hong Kong this May, Sylvester Wong, Senior Director IT at Fresenius Medical Care (FMC), spoke to The Stack about the challenges of IT requirements in healthcare, and his expectations for the industry in the future.

Working in healthcare IT provides a unique set of challenges. Unlike many other typical IT departments, the decisions made in the healthcare sector directly affect patient wellbeing. This adds an additional level of pressure and reliance on the IT team that isn’t typically seen in other organisations.

IT regulations in healthcare

As well as this, the healthcare sector is highly sensitive and regulated. As such, Wong argues that there are three main concerns in healthcare IT at the moment. Top of the list, he states, is patient data protection. At FMC, the patient comes first, no matter what they are doing. With cybersecurity risks constantly evolving, this means that there needs to be a constant effort to implement new policies to protect the patient’s data.


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