Data Centre World

22 - 23 MAY 2019, HKCEC, HONG KONG


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Exhibitor News

  • “Installing Cellwatch battery monitoring systems in our data centres was a win-win for us”, said Tor Kristian Gyland Operation Manager at Green Mountain Data Centre. “Not only does Cellwatch provide another level of power assurance, it overwhelmingly supports our environmental initiatives of setting the Green standard in Datacenters. In just a few years we will pay for the battery monitoring system from the reduction in maintenance costs and from using our batteries for longer than we could without Cellwatch. We are now even more confident in our ability to deliver 24/7 power reliability in the most earth-friendly way”.

  • NDSL, makers of the Cellwatch and Cellwatch Frontier battery monitoring systems, today announced the availability of expanded service offerings for new and existing users.


    21 Apr 2017 CLEVER

    Data Center Busbar Trunking System


    21 Apr 2017

    A Vital Requirement for Data Center

    What is SUM?

    Sustainable: CLEVER Silver SUM
    PDU provides different functions in
    different stage of business by using
    hot-swap function modules.

    Upgradeable: easy to upgrade a
    basic PDU to a local metered PDU
    and then to a IP monitored PDU

    Maintainable: safe and reliable infield
    maintenance without affecting the outlet status.



  • MPDU

    21 Apr 2017 CLEVER

    Innovational SUM* technology solutions: PDU is a essential part of infrastructure facilities in the data center, CLEVER develops and releases the innovational MPDU series product based on the operation requirements of next-generation data center. The new MPDU is a Sustainable, Upgrad-eable and Maintainable (SUM) one without affecting the operation of data center.

  • Attom Micro Data Center

    21 Apr 2017 Frank

    An easy flexible, expandable, intelligent micro data center product is one of the keys to the distributed edge computing success. 

    Attom Micro Data Center product is a plug and play, totally enclosed and fully integrated solution built in with rack, power & battery, cooling, monitoring and security systems.

    It's designed to simplify your IT system deployment, service and mantainance.

  • BQJ 最佳超級品牌獎 2017 得獎揭曉

    20 Apr 2017 商智謀略編輯部

    《Business Quotient Journal 最佳超級品牌獎 2017》是商智謀略月刊第六年授予企業的獎項,目的是鼓勵企業積極建立自主創新品牌,以分享品牌建設實踐經驗作為範本,提升業界的競爭力,與及鼓勵企業善用電腦及網絡科技建設品牌創造財富。另外社會責任近年成為消費者其中一個考慮元素,我們相信精明的消費者會分辨良心品牌,希望未來越來越多企業以履行社會責任來建設品牌。

  • Event Update: 10Gtek will be attending DCWHK 2017 on May 24-25th, 2017 in Hongkong.

    10Gtek will display its latest release at booth N21: 100G QSFP28 products including QSFP28 DAC, QSFP28 AOC, QSFP28 SR4/ LR4/ IR4 PSM, etc. 

  • Adtek Group Limited attend the Global Sources Exhibition in HongKong and get great result.

  • Murata to display Complete Open Compute Power Solutions at Data Centre World Hong Kong:

    • 21" OCP  Compliant Rack
    • 21" OCP 18kW Power Shelf 
    • 19" OCP Compliant 18kW Power Shelf
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