Data Centre World

22 - 23 MAY 2019, HKCEC, HONG KONG


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  • Smart IOT HK

Co-Located With:

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  • bdw
  • Smart IoT

Exhibitor News

  • Murata will be displaying their inovative power solutions for Server Applications at Data Centre World Hong Kong:

    • Processor Power 
    • Isolated Board Mount Power
    • Front End Power
  • R&M Netscale

    28 Apr 2017 Peng Liang

    World’s densest fiber soluton, offering more

    than 14% higherdensity than runner-up,and 67%

    more than the rest

  • Smart Energy & Power Quality Solution

    28 Apr 2017 Janitza electronics GmbH

    Data centres are designed to supply IT components without interruption and also to ensure high IT productivity by
    creating suitable redundancies. High availability through 3-in-1-Monitoring is therefore mandatory.

    Interruptions can also be home-made - in the true sense of the word. In best case scenarios, defects can be detected and eliminated literally as they arise. The user is not required to work with a vast range of instruments in order to monitor the entire infrastructure. A single modern monitoring system can take on this task conveniently and reliably.

    Monitoring systems are essential to create transparency in electrical power flows so that energy shortfalls in critical system components can be prevented. It is primarily a question of proactively monitoring electrical high availability and reporting when limit values have been

    Constant monitoring with corresponding integrated measuring equipment for energy management, power quality and residual current monitoring fulfils this requirement.

  • IT, real estate and property management pros seeing the highest pay hikes, but changing jobs is still one of the best ways to boost income

    According to a new survey by the leading career portal, jobsDB, Hong Kong salaries are up by an average of 3.9% in 2017.

    However, while IT, real estate and property management professionals are seeing the highest increases, the latest Job Seeker Salary Report reveals that, for the majority of people, landing a new job is still one of the best ways to increase their earnings.

  • Murata will be displaying it's inovative Power Assist Unit (PAU) which utilizes their unique Li-Ion Battery Technology. The PAU is designed for use in the Data Center Applications and is an option on their 19" OCP Compliant Power Shelf.

  • 中小企如何透過申請『科技券』有效借助政府資助大變身?『科技券計劃』涵蓋那些科技服務或方案?我們邀請了各界的專業人士,在『中小企營商日 2017』與大家一起探討。

  • The New iTemp range (-40°C to +85°C) of WDM Transceivers ensure the performance over temperature throughout the life of the network.

  • By increasing their Optical Transceiver and Fibre and Copper Direct Attachment Cable portfolio, ProLabs is aiming to help customers to build better, more cost effective and capable data centres.

  • Linux & OSS 最佳解決方案 2017 結果公佈

  • The City of Stockholm launches Stockholm Data Parks to attract investment in data centers where waste heat is recycled and used to heat the city.

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