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  • APRIL 4, 2016, SEATTLE, WA - Uptime Institute, the globally recognized data center expert today announced Uptime Institute Symposium: Middle East set for December 7, 2016 in Dubai at the Ritz Carlton. The Uptime Institute Symposium: Middle East marks a strategic shift for Uptime Institute events, with plans to bring Symposia to a number of markets around the globe. The new regional conferences will be better able to directly address both the opportunities and unique issues of each region, coupled with the ability for broader discussion on global issues.

  • MARCH 30, 2016, SEATTLE, WA - Uptime Institute, the global data centre authority, today announced that the company will collaborate with CloserStill Media, organizers of the Data Centre World series of events. Uptime Institute continues to help some of the world's leading IT organizations address the industry's most complex and chronic management problems. Uptime Institute will bring that experience, research and deep expertise as global contributor to the Data Centre World events.

    "Data Centre World's event series is an excellent environment for data center professionals to both broaden their professional horizons by learning about new developments and best practices in the sector and establish a stronger network with each other," said Phil Collerton, managing director, EMEA of Uptime Institute. "Uptime Institute's particular area of focus will be the enterprise's leading challenge to manage costs and increase efficiency, amidst the many ways that IT can be procured and maintained."

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  • MARCH 22, 2016, SEATTLE, WA Uptime Institute, the globally recognized data center expert, applies principles of business process management (BPM) along with unparalleled data center knowledge and expertise to provide an independent third-party assessment for data center management and operations with the Management and Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval. With continued demand for data across all business functions, todayâ??s IT and data center infrastructure stakeholders are under continuous pressure to deliver value while maintaining cost and efficiency and the M&O Stamp of Approval provides the guidance and framework to drive best practices for the effective management and operations of a data center.

    The Uptime Instituteâ M&O Stamp of Approvalâ was developed around the belief that facility management issues are fixable, frequently without a major resource commitment, providing the greatest opportunity to reduce risks to data center availability. With data center operations running 24x7, companies need to keep business running efficiently. The Uptime Institute M&O Stamp of Approval provides a means to conduct risk analysis at a portfolio level and provide senior management with the information needed to make informed decisions on whether to accept the risk identified in the report or take the corrective actions required to mitigate risks. Additionally, in todayâ??s margin-centric world, the M&O Stamp of Approval allows companies to get the most of their facility and related assets and realize cost savings through these efforts.

  • EPI-DCOSâ® (EPI-Data Centre Operations Standard) provides a framework and guidance with great flexibility to adapt to the organizationâ??s business needs and is designed to be very practical, focusing on tangible results.â  It has been written as a practical and auditable standard to which data centres can benchmark their own governance, operations and maintenance processes. â