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  • Murata will be displaying it's inovative Power Assist Unit (PAU) which utilizes their unique Li-Ion Battery Technology. The PAU is designed for use in the Data Center Applications and is an option on their 19" OCP Compliant Power Shelf.

  • 科技券計劃自推出以來,中小企反應積極,截至今年一月底,已有836家中小企在計劃的網站登記,並已收到 136 份申請。由業界和政府組成的科技券計劃委員會,已評審了首兩批共 23 宗申請,其中 21 宗獲委員會支持撥款。中小企如何透過申請『科技券』有效借助政府資助大變身?『科技券計劃』涵蓋那些科技服務或方案?我們邀請了各界的專業人士,在『中小企營商日 2017』與大家一起探討。 中小企營商日 2017 ...
  • By increasing their Optical Transceiver and Fibre and Copper Direct Attachment Cable portfolio, ProLabs is aiming to help customers to build better, more cost effective and capable data centres.

  • The New iTemp range (-40°C to +85°C) of WDM Transceivers ensure the performance over temperature throughout the life of the network.

  • Linuxpilot 將於 5 月 25 日 Cloud Expo Asia 中的「中小企營商日 2017」,舉行「Linux & OSS 最佳解決方案編輯大選 2017」頒獎禮。 一年一度的「Linux & OSS 最佳解決方案編輯大選」,今年已經是第十五屆。根據調研機構 Gartner 最新公佈資料,2016 第 4 季全球伺服器業者整體營收年減 1.9%,達 148.38 億美元;整體出貨量 ...
  • MPDU

    21 Apr 2017 CLEVER

    Innovational SUM* technology solutions: PDU is a essential part of infrastructure facilities in the data center, CLEVER develops and releases the innovational MPDU series product based on the operation requirements of next-generation data center. The new MPDU is a Sustainable, Upgrad-eable and Maintainable (SUM) one without affecting the operation of data center.


    21 Apr 2017 CLEVER

    Data Center Busbar Trunking System

  • NDSL, makers of the Cellwatch and Cellwatch Frontier battery monitoring systems, today announced the availability of expanded service offerings for new and existing users.

  • Attom Micro Data Center

    21 Apr 2017 Frank

    An easy flexible, expandable, intelligent micro data center product is one of the keys to the distributed edge computing success. 

    Attom Micro Data Center product is a plug and play, totally enclosed and fully integrated solution built in with rack, power & battery, cooling, monitoring and security systems.

    It's designed to simplify your IT system deployment, service and mantainance.

  • “Installing Cellwatch battery monitoring systems in our data centres was a win-win for us”, said Tor Kristian Gyland Operation Manager at Green Mountain Data Centre. “Not only does Cellwatch provide another level of power assurance, it overwhelmingly supports our environmental initiatives of setting the Green standard in Datacenters. In just a few years we will pay for the battery monitoring system from the reduction in maintenance costs and from using our batteries for longer than we could without Cellwatch. We are now even more confident in our ability to deliver 24/7 power reliability in the most earth-friendly way”.

  • The City of Stockholm launches Stockholm Data Parks to attract investment in data centers where waste heat is recycled and used to heat the city.


    21 Apr 2017

    A Vital Requirement for Data Center

    What is SUM?

    Sustainable: CLEVER Silver SUM
    PDU provides different functions in
    different stage of business by using
    hot-swap function modules.

    Upgradeable: easy to upgrade a
    basic PDU to a local metered PDU
    and then to a IP monitored PDU

    Maintainable: safe and reliable infield
    maintenance without affecting the outlet status.



  • 今年商智謀略將會延續往年的做法,分享 2017 得獎企業的品牌創新之路和獨到秘訣,並於 2017 年 5 月 25 日假香港會議展覽中心舉行頒獎典禮,歡迎各行各業代表出席,了解獲獎企業品牌建設的成功秘訣。 在 21 世紀,科技創新可以為企業創造更大的品牌價值,如何在產品及服務中融入科 技創新的元素,將成為企業的主要關注。根據英國品牌顧問公司英國品牌價值諮詢公司 Brand Finance 最新發表 ...
  • Adtek Group Limited attend the Global Sources Exhibition in HongKong and get great result.

  • Event Update: 10Gtek will be attending DCWHK 2017 on May 24-25th, 2017 in Hongkong.

    10Gtek will display its latest release at booth N21: 100G QSFP28 products including QSFP28 DAC, QSFP28 AOC, QSFP28 SR4/ LR4/ IR4 PSM, etc. 

  • Murata to display Complete Open Compute Power Solutions at Data Centre World Hong Kong:

    • 21" OCP  Compliant Rack
    • 21" OCP 18kW Power Shelf 
    • 19" OCP Compliant 18kW Power Shelf
  • eWAVE, a leading manufacturer of WDM equipments, is getting good feedback on 100G transponder eWAVE5101 , which is the world's most compact 100G transponder for high capacity and long distance optical transport solutions. The concept is to provide an option for rolling 100G services with low power consumption and 1U rack space compact solution.

    On the other hand, the two powerful new fiber cleaner, Smart Fiber Endface Cleaner and the SwiftClean Pen Cleaner, were launched with high using times, pocket size and effective price.

  • QDS and RF Code Brings Automation to DC

    03 Apr 2017 Ricardo Siu

    QDS and RF Code are located in Booth R50, just outside of the Live Green Data Centre. We are delighted to have RF Code’s General Manager, Adrian Barker joining the QDS team at the event this year. Together, we are introducing the CenterScape platform with live demo at the show. Here are key features of the CenterScape platform:

    • Asset Management: Catalog and track assets, audit asset inventory and manage assets throughout their lifecycle
    • Environmental Monitoring: Monitor temperature, humidity and related environmental metrics in the data centre
    • Change and Service Level Management: Continuously monitor data centre assets, infrastructure, and associated service levels to guard against service outage
    • Capacity Planning and Optimisation: Plan, measure, adjust and forecast capacity utilisation across data centre assets and associated infrastructure


    Come and see how real-time operational intelligence can transform your data center management capabilities, replacing outdated, inaccurate, manual processes with accurate, continuously updated data.

  • INAX Technology Limited has supported on Information Technology (IT infrastructure and Data Centre Sector for over 11 years. We provide all-round solutions with in-building IT infrastructure & Extra-L ...
  • Opengear’s Solutions for Remote Infrastructure Management Earn China Compulsory Certificate

    28 Mar 2017 Press Contact Kyle Peterson Clement | Peterson kyle@clementpeterson.com

    As Opengear expands into the Chinese market, the IM7200 and CM7100 are now
    approved for import, sale and use within the country.

  • ABB Xtra VFI Press Release

    17 Mar 2017 iris.keung@ptal.com.hk

    ABB has announced a significant new energy-saving feature for its DPA 500 uninterruptible power supply (UPS). In Xtra VFI?/?double conversion mode, the UPS automatically configures the number of modules that are active to match the load power requirements. Modules that are not needed are switched to standby, ready to transfer to active mode if the load increases. The efficiency improvements achieved by this mode of operation are especially significant in low-load conditions

  • The PMC-592 Multi-Circuit Power Monitor is CET's latest offer for PDU, LVDB and Data Centre that require multi-circuit power monitoring. Housed in compact metal enclosure with standard tropicalization and extended temperature range, the PMC-592 is perfectly suited for applications that have high density metering requirements.


    The PMC-592 features quality construction with multifunction and high-accuracy measurements, 2 Mains Inputs, up to 84 Branch Circuit Inputs and an optional touch-screen HMI. The PMC-592 comes standard with two Digital Inputs for status monitoring, two Relay Outputs for control or alarming as well as two RTD Inputs for temperature measurements. The standard SOE Log records all setup changes, Setpoint alarms and DI/DO operations in 1ms resolution. With Ethernet and dual RS-485 as standard features supporting Modbus RTU/TCP, HTTP, SMTP as well as SNMP, the PMC-592 becomes a vital component of a smart grid solution.

  • New Capabilities Support Data Center Uptime

    -- Platform based on a future-proofed architecture to handle today’s and tomorrow’s data center challenges --


    NEW YORK CITY (March 14, 2017) — Raritan®  -- a brand of Legrand, and a leading provider of intelligent data center management and rack power distribution solutions -- today announced its next-generation intelligent power product portfolio.  Powered by the new iX7™ advanced controller, a new series of Raritan’s intelligent rack PDUs (iPDUs) now provides additional smart management capabilities that help future proof data center infrastructures. 

  • Black Box, a world leading technology solutions provider of high-performance KVM, professional A/V signal distribution and extension and switching solutions, announced today the IN-SESSION Room Scheduler. Developed to improve the room scheduling process, increase productivity and maximize space availability, the multi-lingual system enables users to instantly reserve, extend, end or cancel meeting rooms via a user-friendly interface.