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  • Smart Energy & Power Quality Solution

    28 Apr 2017 Janitza electronics GmbH

    Data centres are designed to supply IT components without interruption and also to ensure high IT productivity by
    creating suitable redundancies. High availability through 3-in-1-Monitoring is therefore mandatory.

    Interruptions can also be home-made - in the true sense of the word. In best case scenarios, defects can be detected and eliminated literally as they arise. The user is not required to work with a vast range of instruments in order to monitor the entire infrastructure. A single modern monitoring system can take on this task conveniently and reliably.

    Monitoring systems are essential to create transparency in electrical power flows so that energy shortfalls in critical system components can be prevented. It is primarily a question of proactively monitoring electrical high availability and reporting when limit values have been

    Constant monitoring with corresponding integrated measuring equipment for energy management, power quality and residual current monitoring fulfils this requirement.

  • The City of Stockholm launches Stockholm Data Parks to attract investment in data centers where waste heat is recycled and used to heat the city.


    21 Apr 2017

    A Vital Requirement for Data Center

    What is SUM?

    Sustainable: CLEVER Silver SUM
    PDU provides different functions in
    different stage of business by using
    hot-swap function modules.

    Upgradeable: easy to upgrade a
    basic PDU to a local metered PDU
    and then to a IP monitored PDU

    Maintainable: safe and reliable infield
    maintenance without affecting the outlet status.



  • CNet Training will be at Data Centre World Hong Kong on 18th and 19th May showcasing the worldâ??s only Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management â?? Stand I30.

  • The global leaders in Data Centre and Network Infrastructure Education, CNet Training, will be showcasing the world renowned Education Framework on Stand I30 at Data Centre World Hong Kong on 18th and 19th May, 2016.