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    28 Apr 2017 Peng Liang

    World’s densest fiber soluton, o?ering more

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  • New Capabilities Support Data Center Uptime

    -- Platform based on a future-proofed architecture to handle today’s and tomorrow’s data center challenges --


    NEW YORK CITY (March 14, 2017) — Raritan®  -- a brand of Legrand, and a leading provider of intelligent data center management and rack power distribution solutions -- today announced its next-generation intelligent power product portfolio.  Powered by the new iX7™ advanced controller, a new series of Raritan’s intelligent rack PDUs (iPDUs) now provides additional smart management capabilities that help future proof data center infrastructures. 

  • The iPDU makes racks smarter by providing real-time, outlet-level energy monitoring, environmental monitoring -- with plug-and-play sensors -- and other important information. From the PDU's LCD display or a Web browser, data center operators can monitor energy, temperature, humidity and the status of PDUs, lines, circuit breakers and individual outlets. Data gathered by the PX3 -- which measures real-time kWh energy consumption with 1% billing-grade accuracy.


    Raritan's iPDU is the first outfitted with: a user-programmable computer; a sensor port for adding temperature, humidity and other sensors; and USB ports to support Wi-Fi networking, PDU-to-PDU cascading, and security webcams. It also is the first iPDU available in multiple colors to help in identifying and locating power distribution pathways and in differentiating between multiple PDUs in a rack. The PX was also awarded the first IEC 62368-1 certification by Underwriters Laboratories.