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  • Mojo Networks has partnered with Edgecore Networks and The Open Compute Project Foundation to deploy the world’s first large-scale "Open WiFi" network during the OCP U.S. Summit in San Jose, CA, to be held March 20–21, 2018

  • We are excited to announce that tests were successfully conducted by Core Technology in cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling at University of Warsaw, to check the performance of MooseFS over IPoIB configuration, demonstrating throughput numbers in single client and distributed setup environments.The tests show that MooseFS distributed file system is able to achieve very good performance with IPoIB protocol.

  • We conducted a test, in which MooseFS was run on Docker to check whether rapid deployment of MooseFS can be achieved or not using Docker.The setup consisted of 10 servers, one as client, two as master servers and seven machines as chunk servers. All the machines were connected in ring topology using Intel I350 Gigabit Network Connection cards.Results show us that containerized storage is 5-10% slower than bare metal setup. Although, for speed-critical systems, it is recommended to use bare metal installation. However, the Docker based setup is recommended, for first steps with MooseFS to quickly run on any operating system supported by Docker.

  • Murata will be displaying their inovative power solutions for Server Applications at Data Centre World Hong Kong:

    • Processor Power 
    • Isolated Board Mount Power
    • Front End Power
  • Murata will be displaying it's inovative Power Assist Unit (PAU) which utilizes their unique Li-Ion Battery Technology. The PAU is designed for use in the Data Center Applications and is an option on their 19" OCP Compliant Power Shelf.

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    21 Apr 2017 CLEVER

    Innovational SUM* technology solutions: PDU is a essential part of infrastructure facilities in the data center, CLEVER develops and releases the innovational MPDU series product based on the operation requirements of next-generation data center. The new MPDU is a Sustainable, Upgrad-eable and Maintainable (SUM) one without affecting the operation of data center.

  • Murata to display Complete Open Compute Power Solutions at Data Centre World Hong Kong:

    • 21" OCP  Compliant Rack
    • 21" OCP 18kW Power Shelf 
    • 19" OCP Compliant 18kW Power Shelf
  • BroadGroup, the international consultancy and event company, announced the winners of the inaugural Datacloud Asia Awards 2017 in recognition of the leading players who are influencing and shaping Asia Pacific’s data economy.  The much-coveted accolades demonstrate genuine innovation and continuing evolution of the data center and cloud sectors in the region.

  • Munters OASIS™ system offers innovative energy efficient cooling for the new high performance data centre of HARTL GROUP

    HARTL GROUP's new high-performance data centre, starting up beginning 2016 in Hofkirchen, Lower Bavaria, is equipped with Munters’ energy efficient data centre cooling solution OASIS™ IEC Indirect Evaporative Cooler.

    The OASIS™ IEC system meets HARTL GROUP's requirements on energy efficiency, operational safety and reliability even under extreme conditions.

  • On Nov. 16th, Munters OasisTM DCiE product was awarded ”Advanced Energy-conservation Product 2016” with its innovativeness and energy-saving performance by China Electronic Energy-saving Technology Association (hereinafter, CEESTA).The award recognized the mainstream energy-conservation technology and the future direction in Data Center industry.