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  • The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has announced a series of successful Proof of Concepts (POCs) following a decision just over a year ago, to adopt a new and revolutionary, disaggregated approach to their secondary LAN network architecture, LON2. In August 2016, after months of research with potential new suppliers, a decision was made to source hardware from Edgecore Networks and software from IP Infusion to compliment this approach. The LON2 architecture programme has since gathered pace, particularly over the last six months, now bringing LINX to the point of deployment.

  • Linuxpilot 將於 5 月 25 日 Cloud Expo Asia 中的「中小企營商日 2017」,舉行「Linux & OSS 最佳解決方案編輯大選 2017」頒獎禮。 一年一度的「Linux & OSS 最佳解決方案編輯大選」,今年已經是第十五屆。根據調研機構 Gartner 最新公佈資料,2016 第 4 季全球伺服器業者整體營收年減 1.9%,達 148.38 億美元;整體出貨量 ...
  • EPI-DCOSâ® (EPI-Data Centre Operations Standard) provides a framework and guidance with great flexibility to adapt to the organizationâ??s business needs and is designed to be very practical, focusing on tangible results.â  It has been written as a practical and auditable standard to which data centres can benchmark their own governance, operations and maintenance processes. â