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  • Edgecore Networks announces the latest generation of integrated enterprise wireless products series, including wireless controllers, indoor and outdoor enterprise access points, and hotspot gateways.

  • Extreme News

    04 Apr 2018

    Extreme Networks Achieves High Performance Rating Across all Use Cases in Gartner's Critical Capabilities for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure

  • Edgecore Networks announced its contribution to the Open Compute Project (OCP) of the design of a 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400G) data center switch, the industry’s first 400G open design, that will enable public and private network operators to increase dramatically the capacity of their infrastructures

  • Edgecore announces the AS7816-64X, an energy efficient 100GbE high-performance 2U rack-mountable Top-of-Rack (ToR) or spine data center switch. This new ToR switch is designed for hyper-scale cloud environments and high-frequency trading applications, as well as cloud service and telecom service providers.

  • Edgecore announced its contribution to the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) of the hardware design for the "Cassini" packet transponder, the industry's highest capacity and first modular open-source whitebox packet transponder offering a flexible mix of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) packet switching ports and 100/200 Gbps coherent optical interfaces for data center interconnect and service provider backhaul use cases.

  • Edgecore announce AS7312-54XS – the 25GbE high-performance Top-of-Rack (TOR) or spine data center switch, designed for high-performance computing clusters and high-frequency trading applications, as well as highly-virtualized cloud environments and network provider companies

  • Edgecore announced its contribution of the hardware design for a disaggregated 10G PON OLT to the Open Compute Project® (OCP) Foundation. The industry's first whitebox OLT will enable service providers to deploy 10G PON services from Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD) infrastructures, which utilize whitebox hardware and open source SDN and NFV software to lower equipment costs, increase service delivery agility, and leverage open technology innovation

  • eWAVE, a leading manufacturer of WDM equipments, is getting good feedback on 100G transponder eWAVE5101 , which is the world's most compact 100G transponder for high capacity and long distance optical transport solutions. The concept is to provide an option for rolling 100G services with low power consumption and 1U rack space compact solution.

    On the other hand, the two powerful new fiber cleaner, Smart Fiber Endface Cleaner and the SwiftClean Pen Cleaner, were launched with high using times, pocket size and effective price.

  • eWAVE5101 - 100G

    03 May 2016 eWAVE Network Limited

    eWAVE5101 - 100G transponder is developed for high capacity and long distance optical transport solutions. It is designed to support various 100G client services 

  • Citrix Summit Event Management Team Relies on eG Enterprise's End-to-End Performance Management to Ensure Top Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Performance for Live Keynotes, Demonstrations and Labs