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  • Huasu Technology is a battery monitoring systems manufacturer headquartered in Hangzhou, China. We have sixteen years of business operations servicing the needs of clients all over the globe. Virtually all of the biggest brands in banking, finance, and technology have worked with us and use our products daily. We are proud of our products. We follow ISO 9000 manufacturing management guidelines and standards.


    At Huasu Technology battery monitoring and management is all we do. We keep on researching it intimately, so you don't have to. Our design is on the basis of IEEE1491TM-IEEE guide for selection and use of battery monitoring equipment in stationary application and IEEE 1188-IEEE recommended practice for maintenance, testing and replacement of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries for stationary application.


    Profession, specialty, refinement and particularity have been the keys to HUASU's success.

  • 今年商智謀略將會延續往年的做法,分享 2017 得獎企業的品牌創新之路和獨到秘訣,並於 2017 年 5 月 25 日假香港會議展覽中心舉行頒獎典禮,歡迎各行各業代表出席,了解獲獎企業品牌建設的成功秘訣。 在 21 世紀,科技創新可以為企業創造更大的品牌價值,如何在產品及服務中融入科 技創新的元素,將成為企業的主要關注。根據英國品牌顧問公司英國品牌價值諮詢公司 Brand Finance 最新發表 ...
  • Black Box, a world leading technology solutions provider of high-performance KVM, professional A/V signal distribution and extension and switching solutions, announced today the IN-SESSION Room Scheduler. Developed to improve the room scheduling process, increase productivity and maximize space availability, the multi-lingual system enables users to instantly reserve, extend, end or cancel meeting rooms via a user-friendly interface.

  • Leading international manufacturer of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity, HUBER+SUHNER, will be showcasing the building blocks required to build modern data centers at Data Centre World in Hongkong. Complementing its portfolio the Swiss Company will also launch the IANOS® product family.

  • MARCH 22, 2016, SEATTLE, WA Uptime Institute, the globally recognized data center expert, applies principles of business process management (BPM) along with unparalleled data center knowledge and expertise to provide an independent third-party assessment for data center management and operations with the Management and Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval. With continued demand for data across all business functions, todayâ??s IT and data center infrastructure stakeholders are under continuous pressure to deliver value while maintaining cost and efficiency and the M&O Stamp of Approval provides the guidance and framework to drive best practices for the effective management and operations of a data center.

    The Uptime Instituteâ M&O Stamp of Approvalâ was developed around the belief that facility management issues are fixable, frequently without a major resource commitment, providing the greatest opportunity to reduce risks to data center availability. With data center operations running 24x7, companies need to keep business running efficiently. The Uptime Institute M&O Stamp of Approval provides a means to conduct risk analysis at a portfolio level and provide senior management with the information needed to make informed decisions on whether to accept the risk identified in the report or take the corrective actions required to mitigate risks. Additionally, in todayâ??s margin-centric world, the M&O Stamp of Approval allows companies to get the most of their facility and related assets and realize cost savings through these efforts.