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  • We look forward to welcome you to our booth at R10 and Live Data Centre on the 5/F in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 16th and 17th May 2018. This Live Data Centre is organized by Da ...
  • Attom Micro Data Center

    21 Apr 2017 Frank

    An easy flexible, expandable, intelligent micro data center product is one of the keys to the distributed edge computing success. 

    Attom Micro Data Center product is a plug and play, totally enclosed and fully integrated solution built in with rack, power & battery, cooling, monitoring and security systems.

    It's designed to simplify your IT system deployment, service and mantainance.

  • Adtek Group Limited attend the Global Sources Exhibition in HongKong and get great result.

  • ABB Xtra VFI Press Release

    17 Mar 2017 iris.keung@ptal.com.hk

    ABB has announced a significant new energy-saving feature for its DPA 500 uninterruptible power supply (UPS). In Xtra VFI?/?double conversion mode, the UPS automatically configures the number of modules that are active to match the load power requirements. Modules that are not needed are switched to standby, ready to transfer to active mode if the load increases. The efficiency improvements achieved by this mode of operation are especially significant in low-load conditions

  • The PMC-592 Multi-Circuit Power Monitor is CET's latest offer for PDU, LVDB and Data Centre that require multi-circuit power monitoring. Housed in compact metal enclosure with standard tropicalization and extended temperature range, the PMC-592 is perfectly suited for applications that have high density metering requirements.


    The PMC-592 features quality construction with multifunction and high-accuracy measurements, 2 Mains Inputs, up to 84 Branch Circuit Inputs and an optional touch-screen HMI. The PMC-592 comes standard with two Digital Inputs for status monitoring, two Relay Outputs for control or alarming as well as two RTD Inputs for temperature measurements. The standard SOE Log records all setup changes, Setpoint alarms and DI/DO operations in 1ms resolution. With Ethernet and dual RS-485 as standard features supporting Modbus RTU/TCP, HTTP, SMTP as well as SNMP, the PMC-592 becomes a vital component of a smart grid solution.

  • Another World First For CNet Training

    11 Apr 2016 Sarah Parks, Director of Marketing, CNet Training

    CNet Training has launch the world?s first Competency and Confidence Assessment Modelling (CCAM?¢) Tool for the data centre sector and has the ability to revolutionise the way data centre managers identify, manage and mitigate people risk.

  • Accurate 2.0: more flexibility for enhanced efficiency

    07 Apr 2016 Jinchat Climaveneta Hong Kong Ltd.
    Following the success of the Accurate range, Climaveneta a European leader in both HVAC and HPAC systems, launches Accurate 2.0, a completely renovated range of chilled water air conditioners for data ...
  • A new Data Center where cooling meets efficiency

    07 Apr 2016 Jinchat Climaveneta Hong Kong Ltd.
    The Yaroslavl Data Center has a TIER III reliability level by Uptime Institute classification. There are currently no more than ten such data centers in Russia. The active construction phase began in ...