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Across the 2-days event, we have 8 theatres and 2 Virtual conference streams covering the entire technology ecosystem, with hundreds of educational seminar sessions, dozens of real-life case studies and panel discussions, delivered by 300+ world-class international speakers. We are expecting 13,000+ IT experts and business leaders joining us online and offline to celebrate the annual IT extravaganza!

Data Centre World, Hong Kong

Live DC+: Think Tank

As business needs change and capacity requirements increase, how will you adapt your data centre to maximise energy efficiency and reduce operating costs and ultimately manage an ever-changing, expansive landscape? +ThinkTank will equip you with an array of solutions. Hear from the industry experts and the world’s leading data centre suppliers to give you a competitive edge in building, running and maintaining your data centre.

Day 1: Design, Build & Infrastructure track

Consultants / Design & Build / Physical Security/ Access Control/ Energy Efficiency/ Cost Efficiency

Day2: Essentials of Data Centre operations track

Cooling / Cabling / Switchgear / UPS / Raised floor / Fire Suppression / Power Generator / Racks & Cabinets / PDU / Switch / Batteries / Busbar


Session Highlights:

Panel discussion – Modernized Data Centre: What to consider when upgrading - model, automation, cost and energy efficiency?

As the demand for cloud and internet services increases, it's no news that the global data centre market is booming and growing rapidly to cater to the demand. In the meantime, businesses are starting to explore some modernized design and adding in technology to fit the needs of the businesses. At this panel, we gather data centre design and build professions to share the latest trends that fit your business needs.

Cloud Expo Asia

Techerati Keynote Theatre

Dedicated to hosting the technology leaders, rockstar speakers, visionaries, movers and shakers, innovators and entrepreneurs across APAC and worldwide. Join us in the Techerati Keynote Theatre for concise and powerful talks from industry experts spearheading the future of cloud technologies and other disruptive technologies.

Session Highlights: Panel Discussion

Disruptive Technologies Series I – Practical Blockchain for Business

As blockchain technology matures in time, senior executives identified blockchain as priority increasingly. With more consumer acknowledging the importance of their privacy, we will explore how can businesses implement practical blockchain to transform their business to the next level.

Disruptive Technologies Series II - Roundtable: A Robots’ talk

In this panel, we gather robots that are designed for businesses to show you how to work hand in hand with human and dive deep into the doom and gloom argument of robots steal our jobs in the future.

Disruptive Technologies Series III: The Rising Stars

Lead by venture capitalist Chibo Tang, Partner at Gobi, acts is a general partner for the Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund. Accompany by up and coming innovative rising stars to discuss investment trend in technology and innovative projects, share their journeys in building their businesses, how to attract the right investors and secrets to success.

Cloud Strategies for Digital Transformation Theatre

There's an ever-increasing number of vendors in the cloud market for IT professionals to choose from. This theatre will help you determine the right approach and solution for your IT environment and give you the tips on how you can transform digitally. Find out how to manage your organisation’s data, service providers and customers, as well as enabling faster and more efficient technology deployments.

Also, we will discuss how to develop system infrastructure platforms effectively to fit continuously evolving business needs, as well as hot topics like open-source infrastructure management, software designed networking, software as a service, cloud orchestration and management, and application configuration management, cloud storage, network virtualisation, and cloud servers etc.

Session Highlights:

Panel discussion - Multi-cloud Strategy: Failure detection and prediction

Many businesses pursue multi-cloud strategies due to the flexibility and scalability this approach promises. However, using varies types of cloud can make monitoring and management more difficult. In this panel, we will discuss how to monitor your multi-cloud and detect failure before it ever happens to prevent data loss or other troubles.

Fintech Stage 

The Fintech Stage at Cloud Expo Asia is where the world's leading banks and fintech firms meet. Industry decision-makers looking to transform the market will connect to discuss the future of the finance industry and how cloud and other innovative digital technologies will influence the future of the industry. Sessions will cover Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud strategy, Cloud Applications and managed services, plus tech talks on Virtual banks, superapps, techfins, eWallets, Cross border payment, Blockchains, Cryptocurrency, cloud-native financial solutions, chatbots, AI, ML and many more.

Session Highlights:

Panel discussion – Unleash Fintech potential in B2B space

While B2C Fintech services are widely used in daily lives, the B2B Fintech space is relatively untapped. In this panel, we gather Fintech experts to share strategies in how to penetrate the B2B world, potential areas to explore, possible challenges that can turn into opportunities and more.

Developer Playground

Practitioner Sharing Track – Hear practitioners sharing their experiences, advice on best practice to inspire your learning journey

DevOps Live! Track Instructor-led Workshop – A deep dive into hands-on skills & tools for developers

DevOps workflow now understood and recognised by the majority of IT leaders responsible for optimising the efficiency of IT systems, and adoption booming.

The spinal properties of DevOps - speed, agility, teamwork and economies of scale – make this practice and culture a dream for every professional involved in application development and delivery, software updates and infrastructure change. In 2020, the DevOps methodology has begun to transcend software development and delivery with the framework becoming a watertight enabler for IT teams building, developing and operating rapidly-changing resilient systems at scale.

There are no surprises then that both enterprise and service providers are increasingly relying on DevOps and supporting technology to boost their competitive edge and enhance offerings. DevOps Live gather the top DevOps specialists and influencers in Asia offering our audience hands-on time with the latest releases and developments across the container landscapes most used and prevalent platforms including Kubernetes, Prometheus etc.

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo

Cyber Security Keynote Theatre

With increased global awareness on data privacy, CISOs, CIOs, info security leaders and technology professionals must work swiftly to secure data and protect their businesses from possible firewall breaches, on or off-premises, from shadow IT, the 'enemy within' and external cyber threats. In this theatre, you can hear from leading security visionaries sharing their insights on the cybersecurity landscape.

Also, with the rapid growth in cloud adoption and the current global data explosion, protecting your business’s critical data and securing your cloud networks have never been so important. On day 2, the theatre will break down into 4 pillars and suggest the new approach/ tools on Cloud Security, End point detection and response, PAM and data loss prevention for businesses to prevent, detect and respond to threats.

Session Highlights: Panel Discussion

- A CISOs Manual: Protecting Your Organisation Amidst the Evolution of Cyber Attacks

The impression that one`s organisation will never be targeted or fall prey to cyber-attacks should not be the mind-set of CISOs. There has been an increasing rise in the number of cyber-attacks and threats that organisation around the globe are facing and this is a daunting occurrence. This session will highlight how cyber-attacks have the potential to compromise an organisations’ key infrastructure, better adopt risk management, understand better what to expect and how to adapt to the changing risk landscape in this digital era.

- Organisation-wide Data Hack – The Hacker Hub Round Table Discussion

An intentional attack was made on a large enterprise with more than 2,000 employees, which resulted in a large scale data breach during the attack. The attack which was purposefully carried out by an organised group of hackers who were still able to successfully hack into the system despite the controls in place. We invite few hackers to reveal how this could be happened and how technology could help minimise the recovery time after attack occurred.

- Scenario-based discussion – the top security solution vendors will be given the same scenario and suggest corresponding tackling down-to-earth advice!

Big Data World

Enterprise Intelligence & Analytics Stage

Day 1: Enterprise Intelligence & Analytics focus:

Unlocking business opportunities from big data is probably the biggest challenge for organisations working on Enterprise Intelligence (EI) and Analytics implementations. In this conference, our speakers will present their strategies on how to build a data-driven business, how to approach emerging data challenges by setting the right board-level agenda, understanding the building blocks of an experimental enterprise, and how businesses can create results. Speakers will also address how industries and organisations can apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in robotic process automation, intelligence augmentation, data-driven application systems, and autonomous workflow implementations.

Session Highlights:

- RPA – Robotic Process Automation stream

Smart IoT Hong Kong

IOT Connectivity & Platforms Stage

Day 2: IoT Connectivity & Platforms focus:

As technology continues to advance, it's important for individuals and organisations to use IoT devices to increase productivity and profitability. This theatre will play host a powerful line-up and technology heavyweights as they provide insights and inquiry into this technological paradigm shift for vendors, businesses, governments and citizens.

Session Highlights:

Panel discussion - IoT: Mobility & Intelligent Transport Systems

With the growing trend of upgrading to smart cities across Asia, intelligent transportation is often the first to be introduced and can be a massively impact on citizens. We gathered experts from varies Asian countries to share their insight and strategy of upgrading their cities to the next level.

eCommerce Expo

Customer Experience Stage

Our Customer Experience presentations centre around advice on localisation strategies, ePayment tools, UX/UI Design, data analytics, communication tools and personalisation - leading your customers to a more seamless buying experience.

Come to uncover the varying supply chain strategies both large and growing retail brands are using to deliver their product from warehouse to doorstep.  Experience some of the logistics tricks and traps to look out for when growing your all-important supply chain strategy.

Session Highlights:

Panel discussion – Disruptive Force of AI in Customer Relations

As chatbots are being commonly used by eCommerce companies, as convenient as it is for companies, problems are not exactly solved as straight forward as communicating with a human chat box representative for customers. In this panel, we will discuss how to keeping the touch of human element in digital customer experience with the best formula.

Round Table – Future of mCommerce

With the growing rate of ordering on mobile phone, it is expected mCommerce will be accounted for 54% of total eCommerce. In this roundtable, we will discuss what is the common benfits of mCommerce, how to deliver a true omni-channel experience, payment variety, optimization, regulation and more to address to hottest trend of online shopping.


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  • “This is an outstanding event that delivers fantastic results for us. The audience is huge but, more importantly, the quality of the prospects in the room is absolutely top class and means we can access decision makers from multiple new customers across two days.   I have been to many events during my lengthy career in the technology industry and I can happily say this is one of the best I have been to. This is an extremely important event for us and one we will not miss as we always see tremendous results.”
    Marketing Manager, GitLab
  • "We have been exhibiting at Cloud Expo Europe for years as we have always seen great success at the show. We have an extensive cloud portfolio and as this is the biggest cloud exhibition in Europe it is important to have a presence here."
    UK Marketing Manager, T-Systems